WELTER Group is the company who focuse on the drive systems’ R&D and manufacturing, establish the sales networks all around the world. In gear production area, we are specialized in the high accuracy manufacturing and small batch production. More than 70 years of experience in the drive engineering and gear manufacturing industry is the key of our success.

The company was founded in 1946 by the engineer Richard Welter. Since that, we are keeping in mind to practice his motto "highest quality and performance" consistently.

Gear machining

We have a modern and extensive CNC machinery. Only the most important machines are listed.

Gearboxes overhaul

WELTER zahnrad China Works is also dedicated to services on overhaul and maintenance of large gearboxes of different types, such as testing, condition monitoring, parts renewal, measurement and supply of spare parts, etc.

CAVEX® series

WELTER acquired the CAVEX® brand in Aug. 2011. Then the CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG began to operation in Tübinger. We are actively expanding sales network, enhancing relationships with existing customers, and continue to acquire new customers, increase the global market share.


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