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RENK (2700KW) gearbox maintenance
At the end of January 2016, WELTER zahnrad China Works undertook the maintenance work for a type-KBPV150 gearbox for account of a group company. The gearbox was produced by a Germany company RENK; it started operation up from 2010.
The main task of this maintenance service was to replace all the bearings within the gearbox, but after disassembling the gearbox, found inner hole plating of six secondary planet gears peeling off .The planet wheel bearings had outside running round appearance, the location of high-speed shaft bearing also being found worn reaching 0.3mm. Through analysis and comparison, WELTER technical staffs had provided an adequate solution and cooperated successfully with the customer for the repair of high-speed shaft and planetary wheel. At the end, all parts above-mentioned met fully service requirements.
Currently, the repaired parts have been shipped to WELTER China workshop; assembly work is ongoing. The spiral bevel gear set has been loaded in the gearbox. The assembly of primary planetary frame is also completed. WELTER China will finish complete repair process of the gearbox in mid-March, and deliver the gearbox to customer’s plant for use.

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