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Maintenance job - FLENDER KMP710 (3800KW) gearbox
December 15th, 2015 - January 6th, 2016, WELTER zahnrad China Works provided an overhaul maintenance work on a KMP710 type gearbox (vertical mill main drive) for an affiliated company of a Chinese group.
The gearbox reducer was put into use in 2004. The user replaced the spiral bevel pinion-gearwheel set by a domestic-made one in 2011. The pinion was found damaged in August 2015, WELTER zahnrad China Works was missioned by the customer for an overhaul & complete maintenance services.
It appeared that three teeth were completely fractured after disassembling the gearbox. Diagnostic result showed material or teeth strength might be inadequate to requirement of working conditions of the gearbox. Besides, dimensions of gearwheel differed from the genuine ones’. (For ex. Dia. 44 Bolt-holes were enlarged to 45 causing problem of interchangeability) It brought great difficulties and uncertainties to maintenance job. The experienced and skillful Welter team solved finally the problem based on technical analysis and right decision.
The gearbox was successfully re-installed & test-run on January 8th, 2016. It had been positively approved by the customer after obtaining green light in vibration spectrum detection and other test procedure.

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