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In July 2011, the CAVEX GmbH & Co., KG acquired the CAVEX® Patents and brand, and began to operating in Tübinger. We are actively expanding sales network, enhancing relationships with existing customers, and continue to acquire new customers, increase the global market share. Uphold make perfection more perfect and strive hard attitude, CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG has shown her efficient production and reliable high quality to the new and old customers. Facts have proved that the durable CAVEX® drive systems stand the test, having wide market potential and its important position.

Branches Examples Advantages


• Cement mixers
• High system attenuation
• Low noise generation
• High power density
• Special robust design
  • Bitumen mixers • Structure optimized for construction space
• Robust design
• High overload capacity
Conveying technology • Belt drives • High transmissions
• High overload capacity
Rotation gears • Wastewater processing
• Ventilation gears
• Coffee roasters
• Drum filters
• Paper processing
• High reliability
• Overload capacity
• High transmissions
Steel industry • Actuators and part turn actuators
• Roller gear drives
• Slab drives
• Crank drives
• Special design for heavy-duty environment
• Maximum overload capacity
• High reliability
Solar technology • Rotary actuators • High transmissions
• Overload capacity
• Positioning accuracy
• Automatic interlock

We produce various designs of worm gear sets according to customer drawings with all common standard profiles. The CAVEX® gear box use the advanced and reliable high-power transmission worm gear, won the good reputation by OEM equipment manufacturers. 

In case of tool machines with increased demands towards accuracy and rigidity the DUPLEX wheel set is usually the set of choice for many applications. In this wheel set the worm is designed with an adjustable incline, thus allowing an exact setting of the wheel set. This provides the ground for high precision production. The geometry profile of the CAVEX®-wheel set is decisive for the long standing time and the high load capacity of the wheel sets. Due to the hollow flank profile, the material characteristics of the high quality bronze of the wheel and the case hardened worm can be fully exploited because flank pressures are significantly reduced and the lubrication of the teething is clearly improved under all operating.
Meanwhile, because the worm tooth root width increases, the wheel set can be withstand the more impact stress.

CAVEX® wheel sets are designed for the highest loads by the most modern calculation tools.  The high reliability of CAVEX® gear wheel sets is most important under rough operating conditions. Each wheel set is monitored by stringent quality control, and special emphasis on meshing test. What we pursue is that ‘Quality first, Customer confidence’.
The manufacturing range of CAVEX® gear wheel is:
· Axle distance 40 – 1,400 mm
· Gear ratios 1 – 180
· Module 1 – 40
· Number of teeth on a worm 1 – 12
· High accuracy
· Special requirements possible

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