Spur gears

We are producing
· pinions
· pinion shafts
· wheels
· ring gears

and a wide range of special parts of
· spur-toothed or skew gear types
· with internal and/or external toothing
· and milled, slotted, shaped or ground toothing.

We are able to fabricate Diameters and shaft lengths up to 3000 mm on modern machines build by the leading providers of cutting machines – reaching highest requirements in toothing and surface quality.
The usage of necessary profile characteristics such as profile crowning, tip and/or root relief, root radius, etc. ensure a quiet run  for the special range of applications.  This will give you a crucial advantage e.g. regarding increasing demands for reduced noise emissions.

Helical and double helical gears – tooth profile grinding

High loaded pinion gear for tunnelling machines
Spur wheel for locomotive drive

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