Worm gears

We are producing various designs of worm gear sets according to customer drawings with all common standard profiles. In cooperation with the CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG Company we are offering the CAVEX® wheel set program – a proven and established program of worm gear sets. Due to their power density and the long service life CAVEX® wheel sets are for experienced designers of demanding machines and plants such as:
· Packaging machines
· Food machines
· Strip mills (scissors, reels, roller tables)
· Mixing and stirring equipment
· Shipbuilding

The DUPLEX wheel set has been well-proved in applications with higher accuracy and stiffness requirements. In this case the worm is designed with a variable pitch which allows to regulate the wheel set free from play. So the conditions for a highly precise manufacturing are fulfilled.
The CAVEX® tooth profile is decisive for the long service life and the high loading capacity of the wheel sets. Due to the concave-profile the material properties of the high quality bronze of the wheel and the cased-hardened worm can be fully taken because of the reduced flank pressure and the improved lubrication in every operating condition.

Due to the concave profile a very large tooth base thickness is achieved on the worm. Therefore, the wheel sets are very insensitive to large impact loads at low speeds.
The manufacturing range of CAVEX® gear wheel includes:
· Axle distance 40 – 1400 mm
· Gear ratios 1 to 180
· Module 1 to 40
· Number of teeth on a worm 1 to 12
· Increased accuracy
· Limited flank play
· Finished measurements according to customer specifications
· Special models

CAVEX® wheel sets are optimized with the most modern calculation tools and designed for highest loads. The reliability of CAVEX® gear wheel sets have got a high weight in rough operating conditions. We thoroughly persuade of each gear wheel set. After the geometric testing of the worm and wheel the wear pattern is checked.

Worm gear milling

Worm gear wheel set


Worm gear wheel set

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