Current projects:

Repair and maintenance of a 1800kW planetary gear for the salt mining company Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG
WELTER Zahnrad GmbH delivered a mining planetary gear with total power of 1800 kW within only 8 weeks.

The mining planetary gear which drives the cage winding for a mine-shaft had to be repaired as rapidly as possible. Almost all damaged gear parts had to be disassembled, remanufactured and reassembled within only 8 weeks. WELTER experts also tested and optimized the weak points of the gear system. After a test run at the Lahr factory, the gears were delivered on April 10th to the salt mine of the Süddeutsche Salzwerke AG.
SEG Umwelt Service GmbH
Shredder drive for the recycling service company SEG Umwelt Service GmbH at Mettlach

The SEG Umweltservice GmbH at Mettlach developed a technology which helps to recycle almost all CFC's from scraped refrigerators or to dispose them harmlessly.
The SEG system, set up a crucial standard for the responsible and sustainable recycling and dismantling of refrigerators.
This development has redefined the recycling standards throughout Europe: Refrigerator recycling according to the SEG system now has a considerable share of the European market : particularly in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.
Scraped refrigerators need to be shredded. The shredder gear system was designed, manufactured and assembled by WELTER Zahnrad GmbH at Lahr.


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